Before you make a comment about how a post is "not Urban Hell", please read this

The cradle of Western civilization. (Athens)

Saint Petersburg, Russia

Taksim, Istanbul

new jersey

favelas from rio de janeiro

Grozny 2000

Houston 3/19- morning after petrochemical disaster

Kiev suburbs, March 2019

Welcome to Cairo, the Egyptian urban hellscape

She looks happy - but that's deceiving

Pyramiden, Norway (one of the most atmospheric and depressing cities around the World).

LA Freeway (Photo by Dylan Schwartz)

Blackpool, UK

Shakhtarsk, Russian Federation

Yeah. This is Moscow.

Istanbul from my friend's apartment, during the early hours of a day with lots of air pollution above the main highways.

Kosmoviertel - East Berlin. Just purchased by a development company for €2000 per square metre.

Kodinsk in Siberia, Russian Federation

St. Louis, Missouri - The Dead Zone

Aftermath of a chemical plant explosion

Santa Cruz, Ca

These cables have cost lives of men.

Paisley, Scotland

ICC - Berlin (one of the largest conference centres in the world)

An oasis of heaven amidst the Athenian urban "hell".


View from my college

Portland under the Hawthorne Bridge

A boy climbs out of a charred shanty as he collects reusable materials after a fire razed through a slum area in Caloocan City, Metro Manila

Unfinished house in pristina, kosovo.

Dirty beach, north from Shimonoseki, Japan

Tel Aviv

Nature's reclaim

I see your North Philly Single and raise you a West Philly Single.

Soviet architecture in Moscow, Russian Federation.

(Sub)Urban Hell

Manila City after World War 2

Surveying the Heidelberg project in Detroit, MI

Beautiful (or not) picture of Saint Petersburg (Kupchino District), Russian Federation.

Another one in Makati, Philippines

North Philly Single

New Delhi, India

A retirement home, Tuzla Bosnia and Herzegovina

Fresno, CA

Tacloban, Philippines

Russian Tower Blocks

Faubourg à l'mlasse Montréal 1963