I would like to ask for some thoughts on this edit
Exit Tunnel
Ireland's version of New Zealand's Wanaka Tree...editing?
Captured a butterfly in a sunflower field!
Waterfall, artyish photo.
There's this tree on the side of the lake, people try to keep it out of the frame when taking their pics. I decided to include it. Made it my subject. Nainital, India.
Taken from the top of a Ferris Wheel
I pulled over for this scene and while setting up, was surprised to see the moon rise beside the barns!
playing w lines, highlights, shadows
Courtyard Long Exposure Night Shot
An elk by a lake near the continental divide in Colorado
Swing By The Beach, Vancouver BC.
Went to a house inspection yesterday and saw this garage and had to grab a shot, gave me some Stranger Things vibes.
How do y'all feel about this photo I took of a friend?
Golden hour under the Ventura pier, California
A stray cat that we recently adopted.
Wanted thoughts on this edit
Did I focus at the eyes?
Panoramic Photography
Eiffel Tower, Autumn
What do you guyst think about this framing?
Tourist information centre in Češke Budejovice
iPhone Portrait Mode in Japan. Thoughts
One of my favorite landscape pics so far
Desert Sunset Pink Clouds NO Saturation or added Vibrance
Lucky candid shot of the GF, is the composition good?
tree shadows!
If I may have some thoughts on the editing and whether this pic is worth a 1000 words
Alone Together (Sydney, April 2019)
Great Smokey Mountains, TN
Taken as a jpeg (unfortunately) critiques on the edits?
Ready for Pushback, Stuttgart Airport
Thoughts on this Cityscape? I wished for a better angle, But it would of involved being struck by cars....
Spices and Spoons - still life feedback please!
'Out of The Shadows' Mamiya 6x4.5 / Expired Ektar 100 / 55mm
Frozen Flight
Chilling at North Ave Beach
Don’t have a lot of practice shooting into the sun. How’s this?
One of my favourite pics so far
Mount Shuksan - North Cascades --- Sony A7riii - sony 85m f/1.8
How did I do? It I my first attempt at some real photography
Hello, I've just started noticing , some of my shots with the phone look kind of cool. What do you think guys?
Realistic or over-edited?
Mount Maunganui, NZ
i’m 15 with a camera , how do i take better pics?